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Since moving to Te Whare Tuuranga, this facility has enabled Hancocks to operate more efficiently resulting in a substantial reduction it our impact on the environment.

We are exceptionally proud of the building and site from its functional design, visual impact and inclusive layout and facilities for our people, while aligning the build and fit-out to the values of our family business:

To nurture our people, our planet, our partners, and our community, for future generations.
Solar Power

480 solar panels have been installed at Te Whare Tuuranga. This sytem can generate up to 157kW of electricity which accounts for approximately 60% of our annual usage of power. Not only does this investment reduce our carbon footprint, it also saves the business money with an expected 5 years to repay the investment, and a 30 year lifespan for the system.

Rainwater Collection

With a large roof area, it made sense to collect rainwater to reduce our reliance on supplied water. Te Whare Tuuranga has rainwater collection tanks with a total storage capacity of 50,000L. This water is used for cleaning our fleet of delivery vehicles, cleaning the building itself and also for irrigating our gardens.

Sustainable Fitout

The fitout for the building was also inspired by sustainability. Where possible ethically sourced materials were used.

  • Carbon Neutral Carpets were selected
  • Where possible reclaimed timber were used throughout the building
  • Sourcing of sustainably grown cork flooring
  • Environment Choice approved paints used throughout

But in addition, specific design aspects were included to make the building itself as efficient as possible to run.

  • Double Glazing and environmentally friendly window treatments reduce UV transfer by up to 70% reducing the amount of climate control required
  • Integrated lighting system for the enitre premises is LED and has integrated sensors to reduce energy consumption in areas that are less frequently used
  • The Warehouse is clad in Kingspan Panels with an R2.4 rating. Reducing temperature fluctuations and ensuring our products are stored at stable temperatures

Hancocks also took on the job of replacing our Forklift systems with high-efficieny lithium battery powered equipment. This is energy efficient equipment can be charged during the day and run for longer on each charge to help our engine room run efficiently without sacrificing performance.
Sustainable Packaging

Packaging & materials. Where practical all our products are shipped in recyclable outer packaging.The nature of our business is that we require secure packaging to ensure our products arrive undamaged. We do our best to balance practicality and sustainability. This means where practical we used recyclable packaging products. In addition we actively search for new options that will contribute to reducing our carbon footprint further.

Recycling Initiatives

We actively sort all rubbish onsite to ensure we resuse and recycle packaging and other materials. This also includes composting for food scraps and coffee grounds.

Our use of Method Stations were implemented to eliminate the need for over 100 under desk rubbish bins. The precycling system means we not only recycle more materials, but we are no longer required to use 200+ bin liners per week.

The efficiencies of having the one site and these initiatives are the beginning of our sustainability journey but are already having a considerable impact to the environment through reduction in emissions.

We are committed to work alongside brands and suppliers who are aligned to our values, and we are extremely proud of the number of brands in our portfolio who are also embarking on journeys to have a positive impact on the planet.