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Pegas CrafTap is a unique system that allows the user to pour beverages without producing as much foam. Reducing the amount of waste down to 2 - 0% per keg. Being a manual system, Pegas CrafTap uses the same operating principle found in large beer bottling factories around the world, the counter-pressure method. This method ensures the bottles are filled in the way that only automatic fillers can provide - without foam and at a rate two liters in sixty seconds. Pegas CrafTap gives the user the ability to use a wide variation of bottle sizes and shapes, so they can serve different sizes and bottle styles to fit the individual need of each establishment.


The Pegas CrafTap can be mounted on a specially designed console. The Pegas Tower Filling Platform includes a water flush connection, a CO2 purge connection and measures 14 1/2"" L x 10D" x 5" H, the Low Profile Growler Console has an integrated Rinser and includes up to (8) quick connect products, rinser, plus a water flush connection, a CO2 purge connection. The Low Profile console measures 18"L x 20"D x 6"H. The third option is the Growler Connection Console with a Growler Filling Platform and integrated Rinser which includes upto eight Product Quick Connections plus a water flush connection, a CO2 purge connection and a sampling faucet assembly. The Connection Console measures 36" L x 14 1/2"D 6" H.