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Established in 1893, Kaesler boasts historic vines which produce intense fruit. When current winemaker Reid Bosward and a team of investors began winemaking on the property in the 1990's Kaesler's sole purpose was to produce excellent wine. This much is true, Kaesler's fruit is powerful yet exquisite. Quality is paramount - and this small winery boasts: "One of the most exciting wine portfolio's in South Australia. The result is exuberant, full-throttle, classic wines." - Robert Parker.

Winemaker Profile

Reid Bosward says. "It is a danger for the industry to have so few careful styles. Australia needs the variety that there is in France. We need the individuality in smaller wineries. We need to offer something different." Kaesler is built on providing a difference. The partners do not plan to take Kaesler up to 300,000 cases. The business plan is not to make money in a hurry. It will take five, seven or 10 years to make a profit. In the meantime, the international partners take their share in wine, not money. The determination is to concentrate on producing excellent wine.