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Freixenet is the worlds leading Cava brand with roots going back to more than 150 years. Pedro Ferrer and Dolores Sala Viv laid the foundations for the brands global success today by deciding to turn from making still wine to the complex production of Cava following the traditional method. Freixenet Cava was born.

Key Freixenet Selling Points
Black Frosted
Is iconic, symbolising Freixenet's biggest selling Cava worldwide.
The spirit of innovation and going away from the norm drives Freixenet.
World's Leading
Cava Brand
Which is enjoyed in over 140 countries.
In depth knowledge of winemaking combined with entrepreneurial vision has accompanied Freixenet through history until today. Today, Cordn Negro and Carta Nevada are iconic Freixenet products leading the brand and selling Cavas in 140 countries worldwide. With the spirit of innovation, Freixenet is constantly driven to discover new trends and offer consumers products that exactly meet their needs. Latest innovations include Freixenet Prosecco, Italian Still Wines as well as Spanish Still Wines once again it is clear that Freixenet no longer just represents Cava but a complete Mediterranean lifestyle.