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At Fettercairn we always strive to bring you intriguing single malts that best showcase and compliment our distinctive tropical house character, we hope you enjoy exploring our range.

Discover Fettercairn

Come closer and discover Fettercairn the home of enlightened whisky making. Since 1824 they've done things a little differently in the pursuit of a distinctively tropical single malt whisky.

With more than 100 years of experience, and a deep connection to the land around them. Fettercairn is also committed to the next 100 years and ensuring the land and barley growers near their home continue to flourish together.

The Fettercairn Process

Pure, clear mountain water is a key element in their whisky making process. It's not only used in their whiksy, it's also used to cool their stills as they run to create Fettercairns tropical character.


Fettercairn stills, and their unique cooling rings capture only the purest expression of their whisky's character. By drenching the stills with the same water that's in their whisky, they cool the copper so only the finest vapours rise and find their way into the distillate.

Cask Selection

After distillation, casks are hand selected. The goal is to compliment and honour the tropical character found in the new make spirit. Finally these casks are tucked away to rest and mature in one of Fettercairn's 14 dunnage warehouses.