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Re'al Cocktail Ingredients

These high-end puree infused flavors have allowed mixologists and chefs alike to quickly and efficiently bring real fruit flavors to their cocktails, dishes and desserts.

The only line of puree infused fruit syrups

Real Infused Exotics is pushing the boundaries of the mixology movement with a premium product line unlike any other.

Real Mixology

Get creative with classic cocktails, or make something new entirely with the only line of puree infused syrups.

Real Culinary

Create world class dishes and let your imagination roam free as you discover the many ways puree infused syrups can elevate a dish.

Real Beverages

Dont let your typical smoothie recipe get bland. Add a Rel Puree Infused Syrup into the mix and immediately enhance your favorite drink.

Real Toppings

Adding the perfect final touch to any culinary masterpiece requires a topping thats just as delicious as the dish underneath.