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These premium wines take their name from the 17th Century Estate formerly owned by Count Beretta and recently acquired by the Pasqua family. They have spent the last decade returning these vineyards to traditional varietals planted in a high-density grid. Traditional winemaking processes in a modern cellar environment have seen these wines gain accolades from around the world.

Winemaker Profile

Luca D'Attoma - (Consulting Winemaker) - Born in the Tuscan countryside near Pisa, he chose viticulture over cooking school. Since 1985, he has bounced from winery to winery, working as both winemaker and consultant, crafting 'Terroir' wines throughout Tuscany and the Veneto. ''I have only a few opinions about winemaking, but they're very clear and strong''. ''I'm a very direct person, in the past few years I've become more diplomatic, but not much.''