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Deep within the heart of Sicily lies the Marsala region - a place of mineral rich soil, warm temperatures and an abundance of sunshine. Florio Marsalas have been produced in this land for nearly two centuries. The philosophy of the Florio brand is that of creating cultured, light and refined wines, appropriate for use as an aperitif or after-dinner drink. It is unsurpassed as the ultimate ingredient in everyday and gourmet cooking, so it is not surprising that Florio Marsala is ranked the number one Marsala in the world.

Winemaker Profile

Two of the more interesting points to note about Florio, is that Marsala wines have a very long shelf life of over 100 years, and are one of the few wines that require oxidation. The wine is stored in porous oak barrels that have a wooden cork, but are not sealed, with a small air chamber at the top, as the barrels are not filled to capacity. Marsala wines are DOC wines and can only be produced in Marsala, and are made using three traditional types of grapes: White Grillo, Inzolia and Cataratto, and must be drunk cold. In 2008 Florio celebrates an enviable achievement: 175 years of history and noble tradition.