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Locations Wine

In the world of wine there are compelling Locations that exist where soil, climate and vines interact to produce grapes that uniquely express their Location through wine. Our love of wine recognizes the nuances of time and place that combine and interact to represent location.

Locations is based on a simple concept make the best possible wine from a given country or location. This simple concept ended up being pretty challenging to put into action. After travelling the world, explaining the concept to some of the worlds finest vineyard owners, eventually skeptics turned into believers. The result was securing some of the best fruit to make the Locations wines.

The process of creating Locations, involves a lot of fun, visiting incredible vineyard sites and meeting amazing people, while challenging each other to make the best wine possible.

Dave Phinney, The Winemaker
The history of Dave Phinney the Winemaker, dates back to 1995 when, Dave took a friend up on an offer and went to Florence, Italy to spend a semester abroad. During that time, he was introduced to wine, how it was made, and had to know more.

He spent the next decade making wine for others as well as himself. His international ambition with Locations Wine has led him to Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Corsica, Argentina and other locations around the globe. The vision here is to create the best possible wine that represents its Location across wine regions of the world. The intent is to make wine less complicated and remove restrictions that limit freedom and sense of expression.