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Kunizakari was established in 1844 in Handa City, Aichi. Handa City is situated on Chita peninsula, about 380km south-west of Tokyo. Handa experiences consistent warm weather (avergae temperature is 15.5 degree per year) and has lots of natural water under the city. During winter, this warmth assists develop the completion of the Moromi very well. In the Edo period, Edo (Tokyo) was the biggest Sake market and Sake from Nada (Kobe) was very popular. As Handa City is situated close to Edo Market, Handa Sake was popuilar as well in Edo. 30% of Sake consumed in Edo was from Chita penisula at that time. Kuni meas 'country' and sakari means 'prosperity', so Kunizakari roughly translates as 'prosper along with the country'. Kunizakari keeps it tradition, whilist welcoming modern techniques to make quality Sake. Since the kate 1980s, Kunizakari had extended their range of products to include more casual Sake based drinks as well as medal winning premium Sake.