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Cavalier Green Ginger Wine is a classic green ginger wine, produced by Josh Scott (of Allan Scott Family Winemakers fame) using premium Marlborough grapes co-fermented with zesty natural ginger.

Brewed in Marlborough, the result is a truly delicious beverage - perfect neat, over ice, or add your favourite mixer or spirit. And of course… is the essential component of the beloved "Whisky Mac"- a mix of Green Ginger Wine and a good blended whisky.

Cavalier Green Ginger Wine is forging a new path, making wine of a different kind.

Winemaker Profile

Cavalier Green Ginger wine is made by Josh Scott, of Allan Scott Family Winemakers fame. Josh has always been an "innovation guru" - well known for his role as winemaker in the family business, as well as a stint creating one of the New Zealand’s most successful craft beers. Josh is New Zealand’s first qualified Cicerone (basically a "beer sommelier.") As the perfect combination of winemaker & craft brewer, who better to brew Cavalier Green Ginger Wine.