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Founded in 1821 and with over 188 years of traditions and family experience, Dolin Vermouth is produced in Chambery in the heart of the French Alps, by the last independent company still producing Vermouth de Chambery. The Dolin range includes Dry, Blanc & Rouge, which are all made to the same 1821 recipe. Made from a special selection of fine wines and botanicals found in the Alpine meadows above Chambery that give a fresh, elegant nose with a subtle, complex and bittersweet palate. Ideal as an aperitif or in classic and contemporary cocktails. Remember to store your Dolin Vermouth in the fridge once opened.


The process of chez Dolin begins with the purchase of base wine, always white, light in alcohol (10% ABV), and as neutral as possible, both on the nose and palate. Added to this is the selection of up to 54 different herbs and plants, which are left to macerate for several months. The aromatized wine is then lightly sugared, to less than 30 g/l for the Dry and 130 g/l for the Blanc and Rouge. The colour of the Rouge doesn't come from red base wine, as it's unsuitable for elegant Vermouth, and instead comes primarily from the particular plants used. Finally, the Vermouths are fortified with fine French Brandy - up to 16% for the sweeter styles, Rouge and Blanc, and 17.5% for the Dry.