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Chiarli Lambrusco

Founded in 1860 By Cleto Chiarli, the winery is the oldest producer of Lambrusco, as well as other wine, in Emilia. The meticulous care and principle of honesty, plus the highest regard for quality, has been handed down by Chiarli through the generations. After many years of success, Mauro and Anselmo decided in 2002 to start a very ambitious project: the building of a brand-new winery, which would have a new state-of-the-art production line, fitted with the latest technology, thus enabling them to process the grapes grown in the Chiarli estates in order to produce Lambrusco of the highest quality. Lambrusco has ancient origins, right back to the Roman times and has a natural fizziness which complements a variety of modern dishes.

Why Lambrusco Wine?
Lambrusco Wine style has very long standing roots, known since the Etruscan age and appreciated in the Roman times. During the centuries it has become one of the most important Italian wines both in the domestic and international markets. Thanks to its characteristics of being semi-sparkling, fresh, rich in aroma and flavour, and with pleasant bubbles this is an all rounder wine.

Overall this lighter ABV, fruity and full flavoured wine is enjoyed by a range of consumers. It also lends itself to the gowing global trend of enjoying chilled red wines.