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Culture & Community

The Hancocks team are a whanau, and as such, it's important that we help this whanau to thrive. This is achieved through community intitiatives that impact our team and by creating an impact in the wider community.

Our community initiatives fall under three categories - Providing Meaningful Work, Community Initiatives and Fighting Food Poverty. This focus allows us to nurture our people now, while providing skills to create brighter futures.
Community Garden & Fruit Trees

With 20 Vegepods installed along with 80 Vegebags Hancocks has over 40m2 of growing space to plant, grow and harvest fresh produce that's shared with the team. The team shares responsibility for Planting, Watering, Weeding and Harvesting which also teaches them how easy it is to grow your own food.

Our carpark has also been planted out with fruit trees, that will eventually provide fruit for the team to enjoy.

Beehives and Chickens

Seven Beehives have been added to the site. Beyond giving a population of bees a safe area to thrive, we are also able to supply our team with the honey these hives yield.

A Chicken Coop has recently been installed, with 100 hens being tended to buy the team, we are able to help alleviate food pressures on our whanau by providing fresh eggs to take home. You can view the live feed from the chicken coop below.

Coop Cam
Fighting Food Poverty

Along with the other initiatives to fight food poverty and help alleviate the ever rising cost of living, Fresh Fruit boxes means there is always a supply of fresh fruit for the team to enjoy while at work.

Regular Fruit and Vegetable care packages are also a part of Hancocks Commitment to ensuring our team (and their family) has access to nutritious food at home.

Food Trucks

On a fortnightly basis we have a Food Truck visit Te Whare Tuuranga to provide lunch to the entire team based there. Providing an opportunity for everyone to sit down and enjoy a meal together at no cost to them.

Meaningful Work
We care for our team, and treat every member of that team as a part of our wider whanau, with many long-term employees often through multiple generations. To achieve this, we provide all staff with tools to help their health and wellbeing, and to help them develop personally and professionally.
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Adult Education
The efficiencies of having the one site and these initiatives are the beginning of our sustainability journey but are already having a considerable impact to the environment through reduction in emissions.

We are committed to work alongside brands and suppliers who are aligned to our values, and we are extremely proud of the number of brands in our portfolio who are also embarking on journeys to have a positive impact on the planet.