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Won Soju
Premium Distilled Soju from South Korea

Our Soju is meticulously crafted using only the finest rice, water, and yeast sourced exclusively from Wonju, Gangwon-do, South Korea. We adhere to traditional distillation methods, concentrating the rich flavors of these high-quality ingredients.

Won Soju was founded by the renowned artist and entrepreneur, Jay Park. Under his vision and expertise, we have perfected the art of Soju production, ensuring a premium and authentic experience for discerning enthusiasts.

Experience the true essence of South Korean craftsmanship with Won Soju.


Honoring traditional Soju production methods, Won Soju Spirit is crafted using a high-pressure decompression distillation technique. This method ensures the preservation of authentic flavors while pushing the boundaries of the modern Soju experience. SPIRIT offers a delightful flavor profile that combines the essence of tradition with contemporary sophistication, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing and relaxing drink.

The focus during production is on creating a versatile base character that harmonizes seamlessly with various ingredients, allowing people worldwide to easily enjoy the essence of Soju. We have maximized enjoyment and versatility while retaining the spirit's inherent strengths.

On the nose, Won Soju Spirit reveals floral and fruity notes, paving the way for a palate experience that blends sweetness and spiciness. This unique combination positions Won Soju Spirit as an ideal choice for diverse on-premise consumption. It serves as a high-end cocktail component, enhancing the flavors of any mixed drink, and can also be savored on its own in the traditional fashion.

Experience the richness of Won Soju Spirit and elevate your drinking experience today.