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It is rare that something truly unique comes along in the whisky world these days - Shackleton's Whisky (or Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky to give its full name) is one such thing. Whyte & Mackay have recreated a whisky that had been buried under the ice of Antarctica for a century! The original whisky was produced by Edinburgh based blending company Charles Mackinlay & Co and was specially commissioned by polar explorer Ernest Shackleton for his expedition to the South Pole in 1907. Charles Mackinlay & Co had a long successful history of blending between its foundation in 1847 and being acquired by and eventually amalgamated into Whyte & Mackay in the 1990s.


Master Blender - Richard Paterson has taken eight weeks to blend and marry the new whisky in order to achieve an exact replica of the original whisky. The abandonded whisky, still in the original wooden crates was not discovered until 2007 and only recnetly three of the bottles were flown back to Whyte & Mackay's in Scotland. Paterson then set about recreating a whisky that was over 100 years old. The original bottles are to be returned to 'The Antartic Heritage Trust' and replaced back under the ice by law.