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Tim Adams Wines was originally born of a partnership between Tim and Pam and local coopers, Bill and Jill Wray, in 1984. The business was to make wine and small oak casks. 1986 saw the first release of wine under the ‘Adams and Wray’ label who's partnership was dissolved on good terms in 1987. 1987 continued to be an eventful year for the newly named Tim Adams Wines, with the purchase of the current winery site, the Cellar door was opened and the first grapes crushed on site the following year. The decades that followed brought with them a natural evolution of the company, the physical site and the wines themselves. These years of hard work, passion and curiosity have resulted in a progressive family winery that is committed to creating elegant wines, without forgetting its obligation to the Australian wine industry, environment and wider community.

Winemaker Profile

Owner and Chief Winemaker - Tim Adams As the son of a bank manager who favoured rural postings, Tim Adams' formative years were spent in the township of Clare in South Australia's Clare Valley. As a Clare Valley lad growing up among pioneering grape growers and winemakers, it was no surprise that in his final year of school Tim eschewed studying in favour of writing to Clare Valley wineries seeking employment. The recipient of one such letter was Mr Mick Knappstein at the Stanley Wine Company, which led to Tim securing a position as winery cellar hand in 1975. A fortuitous beginning for Tim, who found himself mentored by a revered pioneer of the modern Australian wine industry. Mr Mick retired in 1985 after 57 years at the winery, and in 1987 was awarded an Order of Australia for services to the wine industry. With encouragement and financial assistance from Mr Mick, Tim undertook a Bachelor of Applied Science (Wine Science) at Charles Sturt University via correspondence. Graduating in 1981, Tim was by that time assistant winemaker and the following year was appointed winemaker, responsible for day-to-day operation of the winery, which then employed as many as 60 people. The first release of wines under his own label was in September 1986, by which time he had left the Stanley Wine Company. 'Mr Mick' continued to encourage the young winemaker and to consult at tastings, embracing Tim as his last apprentice, a relationship that continued until him passing in 1997. Tim is still the Chief Winemaker and owner at Tim Adams Wines, and has a finger on the pulse of all business and winery operations. On any given day he could be found out in the vineyard, in the winery or office, or hosting wine tastings from Hong Kong to London.