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The No 1 French Brandy worldwide, St-Remy has conquered markets around the globe from the USA to Nigeria and is the bestselling Brandy in the New Zealand. St Remy is 100% authentic French Brandy, produced from grapes harvested in the most prestigious vineyards of France such as Bordeaux, Languedoc and Beaujolais.

Its dedicated cellar master, Martine Pain, has been an outstanding cellar master of St-Remy for more than 15 years and is one of the first ladies working within the brandy universe. Her determination and true commitment to perfection perpetuates St Remy’s unique and consistent award-winning style which has been a closely guarded secret for more than a century.


'Cognac' appellation defined by French Law in 1909 is exclusively for the 'eaux de vies' coming from wines produced in the limited region of Cognac. All the other French or foreign eaux de vies produced out of this region are brandies.

St Remy Authentic is a French Brandy Francais, of French origin 100% guaranteed which means that it is elaborated from distilled wines coming from legendary vineyards of France. For St Remy Authentic VSOP is aged in little French Limousin oak barrels and another period in wooden vats. St Remy Authentic French Brandy is showing off its new labels designed to emphasize the authenticity of the French origin of the wines and distillates which compose the blend of our VSOP qualities. This great new packaging will soon be available on shelves near you!