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The Freixenet family’s history goes back to 1861, when Francesco Sala Ferrés started a business making and exporting wine to America. With the marriage of Pedro Ferrer and Dolores Sala Vivé two empires have been unified. Dolores’ knowledge of wine making combined with Pedro’s vision and entrepreneurship created the core foundations of Freixenet today. The young couple chose a familiar name close to home. Pedro had grown up in a vineyard called “La Freixeneda”, which means “ash tree grove” in Catalan and as a result, his nickname was “el Freixenet.”

Winemaker Profile

When José Ferrer took over the reins in the 1980’s, he not only grew the company to become the world leading producer of sparkling wines, he also changed the way the Spanish cava industry operated. With José now semi-retired, today his son Pedro Ferrer leads the charge. Under his guidance, Freixenet continues to expand by purchasing wine estates in some of the world’s most prominent appellations.