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THE DISTILLERY OF SLANE Located in the Village of Slane and built into the 230-year-old gothic stables of Slane Castle—designed by preeminent landscape architect Capability Brown. Slane Village is nestled deep within the idyllic Boyne River Valley—once a haven for Irish whiskey distilling. Natural resources make our distillery ideal for a whiskey that merges the tradition of the past with the nature of the emergent Ireland we know today. THE PRIDE OF SLANE Slane Irish Whiskey: An iconic whiskey that bears our village’s iconic name. The liquid is a true testament to the people of Slane, to our vibrant and resilient community, and to all those who take pride in working together to build a progressive legacy. We are proud to bring distilling to Slane and are committed to maintaining the natural landscape for generations to come. Born of the vision and historic, untamed lands of Slane’s Family Conyngham with a history dating back to AD 1045 and the 147-year-old whiskey-making mastery of Brown-Forman.