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In the world of large-scale, corporatisation and internationally-owned port organisations, it is a treasure to come across a tiny, family-owned bodega that can compete with the giants of the industry. The current owner of Quinta de la Rosa, Tim Bergvist, continues to steer this small yet highly acclaimed operation to great heights through his strict control of everything from growing to bottling. Through a combination of perfect vineyard sites, high above the Douro river, a winemaking philosophy that puts quality above everything else, and a business sense that matches the mojos with their giant operations, Quinta de la Rosa have proved that small can be beautiful and that individual, characterful Ports are still being produced in Portugal.

Winemaker Profile

Tim Bergqvist - (Owner/ Director) - In 1988 the Bergqvists, led by Tim and his daughter Sophia, decided to re-launch Quinta de la Rosa, taking advantage of the change in the Port Wine regulations. These changes enabled producers to sell port direct from their estates and not via Vila Nova de Gaia near Porto. As everything is grown, made and bottled on the estate, Quinta de la Rosa is one of the few true "Single Quintas"; it is not a second brand used by most large shippers for their "off Vintage" port years.