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Craft Ingredients.
Superior Cocktails.

Americas #1 cocktail mix brand, Master of Mixes, is comprised of two parts: Cocktail Mixers and Cocktail Essentials. With this diverse collection of high-quality products, millions of the world's great cocktails are within reach.

Master of Mixes allows customers to mix scratch-quality, hassle-free cocktails regardless of skill level. Get crafty with our Cocktail Essentials, or pour a drink in seconds with our Cocktail Mixers.

Tools that meet you where you're at

We source the finest ingredients and build the perfect single-step cocktail with our Cocktail Mixers. Cocktail Essentials invite you to build your perfect cocktail from scratch with the same high-quality ingredients.

Ingredients freshly picked from around the globe

We scour the earths premier growing regions, sourcing only renowned varieties of each fruit. To deliver an experience rivaling that produced by some of the worlds foremost mixologists, we combine these premium fruit juices and purees with cane sugar and filtered water.

Cocktails you can pour with pride

Weve done the hard work to ensure your mixed drinks are consistently high-quality sip after sip. All of our Cocktail Mixers and Essentials are non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and vegan using all-natural flavors and cane sugar.