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Lunatic and Lover Botanical Rum

A creation of crazed-passion, Lunatic & Lover create unique botanical rum. Through imagination, mania, and a dash of madness, they have managed to invent a distillate which instils the very spirit of adventure.

Creating rum is, in theory, relatively simple.

Creating good rum however, is an altogether more challenging proposition. The devil, as they say, is most definitely in the detail. We take aberrant care to passionately craft a distillate that is rich and interesting, even before it is enhanced by our botanicals.

Our pursuit of perfect flavour begins with molasses; a thick, dark, delightfully messy product of the sugar refining process.

Introducing an entirely new aroma and taste.

After a prolonged process of fermentation,the wash is distilled in a hand beaten, copper-pot still. In order to retain much of the flavour created thus far, the rum is distilled in a single, very slow pass - this method requires it's own unique skillset to master.

The sane would stop there.

A second distillation whereby meticulously selected herbs, spices and roots marry into the liquid, through a complex technique of vapour infusion - thus creating an almost completely new category; Botanical Rum.

A creation of crazed-passion.

Created by Matt Bridge and Angie Bradley, Lunatic & Lover burst on to the scene in mid-2020. Since then, it has picked up many awards for its Botanical Rum and has just added a certified organic rum to the line up. Rum for those who like to think a little differently says Matt who is "Head Distiller".