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Lost Garden Zero Alcohol Wine

Everyone has a special place, Lost Garden wines come from ours, to be enjoyed in yours. Crafted to be highly approachable, delicious, and enjoyable to drink.

New Zealand Made, Alcohol Free Wine

Lost Garden Zero wines can be enjoyed any time as a great alcohol-free alternative. Garden Zero is a boutique Hawkes Bay producer of alcohol-free wines. The process of gently removing alcohol has been undertaken without compromising quality or taste.

Non-alcoholic wine vs Standard Wine
Made To Enjoy Now

Alcohol acts as a preservative, so these wines have a shorter shelf life. Non-alcohol wines are not designed to cellar, rather they should be drunk young, within 6 - 12 months of release.

Balanced Winemaking

To ensure the wines retain their flavour profiles, they tend to have more Residual Sugar, however when made in a balanced style, like Lost Garden is, this should not be obvious.

Lower Calories

Alcohol has a high calorie content; one of the benefits of some zero alcohol wine is reduced calories. Lost Garden, is one of these with less than 29 calories per 150ml glass.