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Jack Daniel's Old No 7 and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel are consistent in the flavour process up to and including the charcoal mellowing. It’s the maturation process that sets Jack Daniel's Single Barrel apart, both in the location within the barrel houses and the duration of the maturation. The barrels for the Single barrel are stored in the top levels of the barrel house where there are greater fluctuations in the temperature. The hotter temperatures result in greater expansion of the liquid in to the wood resulting in a full bodied robust whiskey with intense vanilla and wood notes. Only 1 out of every 100 barrels are ever chosen to become Jack Daniel's Single Barrels.


The whiskey in this bottle comes from a 'single barrel' as it name would suggest. This whiskey is hand-bottled a barrel at a time, taking care that it is not mixed with the whiskey from any other barrels. This ensures a unique, aromatic and flavourful whiskey. Only a limited quantity is bottled and each bottle has its own unique 'rick number', barrel number and the date of bottling. When you try Jack Daniel's Single Barrel for the first time, try to detect the different nuances a strong caramel or vanilla presence, perhaps; or maybe the toasted oak flavour or fruit drawn from the barrel wood captures your taste-buds.