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From Casa Herradura, el Jimador is a premium tequila that captures the spirit of Mexico. Crafted in the very center of Mexico's rich agave producing region using a natural production process, this estate bottled tequila has a smooth and balanced taste. The name el Jimador honours the men who harvest the locally grown agave with great pride and care. That care spreads though every step of the process and is the reason Mexicans consume more el Jimador than any other tequila because of it’s high quality and authenticity. el Jimador is the #1 selling 100% agave tequila in Mexico.


BLANCO - (also called silver or plata) is tequila as it comes from the still, aged no longer than 60 days in metal tanks. This is the purest flavour of agave. REPOSADO - ("rested") is where wood aging begins. These tequilas must spend between two months and one year in wood tanks or barrels.