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El Jimador

100% Hand-Harvested Blue Weber Agave.

A Legend

El Jimador means "A Legend" which is exactly what the experienced farmers are who select and cultivate the unique Blue Agave plant, Natures most precious gift to Mexico. Blue Agave takes ten years to reach maturity and is then hand-picked and cropped before it is used to make this range of authentic Mexican Tequilas.

A Craft, A Passion

In the field a band of dedicated Jimadors stand. Their coas at the ready, carefully harvesting every plant, knowing by eye which are ready and which should be left for tomorrow. Their passion, fused with that of the master distillers is what makes the difference. Grit, dedication and spirit go into every drop.

From Plant to Pouring

The root of the spirit can be found in the sun-kissed soil of the historic hacienda. In Amatitn, Jalisco, every drop of tequila begins its life. It is there that the Jimadors learn, cultivate and perfect the skill it takes to make El Jmiador tequilla. No filler, no added colors, just 100% blue Weber agave tequila, crafted with 100% pure determination and honor.