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Few things in life are more enjoyable than good conversation over fine wine. At such moments, the mind runs free, ideas flow and friendships strengthen. Wherever you are, the world becomes a little smaller. At Duck Hunter Wines, such moments are our greatest inspiration. Our aim is to create and share fine wines that warm the moment.

With remarkable speed, the Duck Hunter has grown in personality and charm. With gun slung casually over wing, our feathered friend is not the hunted; rather the hunter – the keeper of the estate, protector of the vines and calm champion of the wines. If beaks could talk, he'd surely have a good story to share. And so, with every bottle, we see the Duck Hunter as a salute to friendship and conversation. We also assure you that no ducks were harmed in the making of our wines.

Winemaker Profile

Jed Penkman, Chief Wine Maker for Duck Hunter Wines in Blenheim. Jed has worked closely with Kim Crawford in various capacities since 2011, and first became involved with Duck Hunter production in 2014. Jed is now fully in charge of blending and finishing our Marlborough wines.

Jed is a South Island born kiwi boy, who obtained his Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University in 2002. He gained viticulture experience working in wineries in the UK, France and California, returning to NZ in 2007 to work in Central Otago for 6 years.

Jed enjoys trying different wines from all over the world and the subtle nuances they offer, with good company because “good company makes good wine better.” His philosophy fits well with Duck Hunter Wines, where we believe our greatest inspiration comes from good conversation over a fine wine.