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About the Brand

The Devil's Staircase takes the willing down into the realm of decadence and bacchanalian delights. Here everything is pleasure spiced up with a dash of naughtiness. The unrelenting environment tortures the vines whose twisted limbs produce a wine worthy of absolution. These wines are sinfully succulent and devilishly good. The Devils Staircase grapes name is inspired by the winding road resembling a devilish descent leading from Queenstown to Kingston, along the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Produced by Rockburn and winemaker Malcolm Rees-Francis, this range will offer you and your customers affordability without compromising on quality.

Winemaker Profile

Malcolm Rees-Francis was born into a South Canterbury sheep farming family, and grew up with an innate respect for the land and climate. 4 years studying Microbiology at the University of Otago lead to dissatisfaction with laboratory work, so rather than become a genetic engineer his next (less than obvious) step was a vintage in Marlborough. Barely knowing the difference between a red and a white meant the learning curve was a steep one, but the epiphany that even tank cleaning could be strangely satisfying plus the beckoning limitless permutations of wine and winemaking thrust a terrible addiction upon poor Malcolm. He then worked at Felton Road for 4 years as Assistant Winemaker, choosing to relax by traveling to Oregon USA, there making (and drinking) even more Pinot Noir. In 2006 he fully succumbed to his dreadful addiction by taking the position of Rockburns' winemaker.