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A comprehensive, focused portfolio of Japans finest Sake, Umeshu, Shochu and Japanese Whisky. All curated by Sake Samurai- Yukino Ochiai.

In Australasia, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable or passionate about sake than Yukino Ochiai. The Kikisake-shi, or Master of Sake, has dedicated her life and career to educating us about Japan’s iconic drink. In 2017, she was recognised for her tireless work by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, bestowed with the revered title of Sake Samurai.

Winemaker Profile

Yukino Ochiai

Awarded the title of Sake Samurai in 2017, the highest honour in the sake industry. Yukino is only the third Australian to recieve this distinction. She is also an educator, Kikisake-shi (Master of Sake) and IWC Sake Judge.