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The story of Drouin Calvados began around 1960. There was nothing to indicate that Christian Droulin was destined to make a career in spirits. Nothing, that is, apart from his taste for good food and good wines. When he bought a farm he decided to use the cider-apple orchards to produce Calvados. His aim was simple; produce the best, top-quality spirit. The first "Pomme Prisonniere" was marketed by Calvados Christian Drouin in 1981. Since that time, "Pomme Prisonniere" has been so successful that the trade mark is now often mistaken for a generic name.


Our Calvados are sold as blends until they are 20 years old. A choice of casks (calvados casks, cider casks, former Port or Sherry casks, a hundred year old casks etc) enables us to age Calvados with various typicities. By choosing among this diversity, we obtain blends with noticeable balance and complexity. The typicity of our casks and our blending technique enable us to propose a unique range of Calvados known for its original character.