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As legend would have it, down a small side street in Havana you could once find an unassuming coffee shop run by an innocent-looking Señora Bebo. Order your coffee 'con leche', and Señora would serve it with milk and a smile. Order it 'mucho gusto' and a Bebo Espresso Martini would be served with a little something extra – entrance to the most notorious night club in Havana. Known for experimental music and dance, and as a place where artists, celebrities and other free spirits would meet when they wanted to be together without outsiders, many had heard of the exclusive club Bebo, but only a lucky few ever found its secret entrance. The drink of choice was a delicious mixture of rum and Señora Bebo's famous Cuban coffee – always sipped from coffee mugs, just in case uninvited visitors from the authorities happened to stop by.