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Bear Flag Wine

At Bear Flag Wine, we celebrate kindred spirits who stand their ground, have the good taste to dream bigand never waste a drop. Each of our wines honors an inspiring story of independence.

Sometimes freedom rings without firing a single shot.

Inspired by the brave souls of the Bear Flag Revolt, we celebrate the kindred spirits who stand their ground, have the good taste to dream big...and never waste a drop.

We stand for the right to raise a flag in honor of your unique place in the world, whether thats a patch of untamed territory or an enduring point of view.
Meet The Winemaker - Aaron Piotter

Born and raised less than a mile from where our namesake Bear Flag Revolt took place, Aaron Piotter feels a deep connection to California history. Growing up so close to where the state was founded provides him inspiration for crafting wines as bold and layered as the states defining moments.

Sonoma native Aaron Piotter discovered a deeply personal opportunity when presented the opportunity to become head winemaker of Bear Flag Wine. Launching the brand provided Aaron the chance to represent his hometown with perhaps its best-known varietal.

Californias remarkable, persistent heat and cooler nights push Zinfandel into the ripe, jammy berry spectrum. This region is known for making amazing Zinfandel, and some of the top, if not the best, wineries who specialize in this variety are in Sonoma County, he says.

"As a winemaker and California native, Im honored to create wines that deliver an experience as layered as the historical events that inspired them.

- Aaron Piotter, Bear Flag Winemaker