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Arrogant Frog was born in the Hérault Valley in Languedoc in the south of France, near the Mediterranean sea, close to the small town of Pézenas. Jean-Claude Mas combines French tradition with a new world approach to innovation and winemaking. Three words sum up these wines: fruit, fruit, fruit. The wines are smooth, rich and packed with flavour, but not sweet. They are a French response to the challenge of the New World, proof that the French can make wines to match and even better those produced in other countries, with a marketing savvy to boot. The goal of The Arrogant Frog has always been to be the symbol and the signature for original, creative and enjoyable wines.

Winemaker Profile

In 2006, Jean-Claude Mas was awarded the prize for the Best International Company in the Mediterranean Region by GRAND PRIX L'ENTREPENEUR. It is also the very first time that a company in the wine sector has been selected, so this has additional significance. Arrogant Frog is a line of estate-bottled wines from the Languedoc region of southern France. Like its creator, winemaker Jean-Claude Mas (aka the Humble Winemaker), this wine is proud to assert its Mediterranean origin. Arrogant Frog is a versatile wine sure to add a superior edge and welcome dose of joie de vivre to your dining experience, whether it's a family barbecue or an elegant dinner party. Try a taste and discover what a prince this Frog can be!