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MIDDLE-EARTH™ New Zealand water is extracted and bottled at source, directly from a pristine aquifer deep beneath an untouched and extinct volcano in the far North of New Zealand. The surrounding countryside is covered by virgin forest, ensuring a 100% pure and natural environment. Our water originates in Antarctica; it is swept off untouched ice plains by powerful polar winds and passes over the Southern Ocean to New Zealand. It falls as rain over the high ground of the Northland province, and flows through mineral rich channels into underground streams. This process is what makes Middle-earth New Zealand water unique and so beneficial.


MIDDLE-EARTH™ water has nothing removed, nothing added to its natural product. There is also no exposure to atmosphere (air or light) from the source to bottling. Our water is sourced from the environs of the Pukekaroro Native Kauri Forest Reserve where there is a complete absence of harmful contaminates such as agricultural, bacterial and industrial chemicals.