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Deep Origin Water, bottled from a flowing artesian well at Otakiri, proven to be one of the deepest, highest quality water sources in New Zealand and is 100% organically produced. Artesian water is defined as a water source originating from a confined acquifer that flows upward through a well, unassisted under its own pressure. Natural, pure and refreshing, it has journeyed for more than 50 years before it breaks free through a labyrinth of vents and shingle pressures, formed in layers of volcanic rock deep below untouched native forests at the foot of the Rotoma Hills in the Bay of Plenty.


Deep Origin Water company was born with an ongoing intention and passion that it would offer the first glass bottled water in New Zealand to defy convention. This vision of bottling the best water New Zealand has to offer, began over 15 years ago, when founders Emmanuelle & Stephan Jelicich felt it was crazy that bottled water was being transported many thousands of kilometres from some of the most industrial and populated parts of the world to New Zealand — a country that has the purest water.