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NO.1 SHERRY GLOBAL BRAND.   Harveys was founded in 1796 in Bristol. At that time, sherry was transported by ship in oak casks and then blended in Bristol. Harveys Bristol Cream was created in the company's cellars in the 1882 by John Harvey II and his brother Edward. An aristocratic lady who was visiting the cellars was sampling Harveys Bristol Milk. She was asked to try the new, finer and richer blend. “If that is Milk, then this must be Cream” She declared on tasting the new blend, and Bristol Cream it has been ever since. From 1970 onwards, Harveys began investing heavily in the region of Jerez, purchasing top quality vineyards and bodegas and built a bottling plant. All production and distribution of sherry for world markets is now centred in Jerez. Only wine produced in the area of Jerez, southern Spain can be called sherry.


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