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Q: What happens when a professional winemaker falls for a vivacious woman he meets on the internet? A: He marries her and she convinces him to create their own wine brand. The result is ‘The Winemaker's Wife'; a very personal selection of regional wines, crafted to reflect the flavours and styles that they both enjoy. The Winemaker's Wife is a creative collaboration between husband and wife partners Simon McGeorge and Olive Hill. Simon is a winemaker with over 19 years' experience in the wine industry. He is a recognised member of the NZ wine industry and has received numerous awards for his wines to date. The Winemaker's Wife is no exception having received 2 gold medals and a trophy in its inaugural year. Olive co-owns and designs a luxury fashion label with her sister and is a retail professional with a diverse range of qualifications. She is also the inspiration for The Winemaker's Wife brand and the driving force behind the sales and marketing of the wine. The Winemaker's Wife is a celebration of partnership and is a tribute to all that can be achieved by two people working together.


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