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Founded in Verona in 1925 by brothers Riccardo, Natale and Umberto Pasqua, this family business is now managed by a second generation of the family and remains one of the main privately owned wineries in Italy. Values like family, history, tradition and respect for the terroir are fundamental for the company. Those values are reflected in the production methods which take care of the vineyards and use respectful methods of vinification. The excellent quality of wine is the result of the passion and dynamism of a family that has been producing top-quality grapes for three generations.

Winemaker Profile

Carlo Pasqua - In 2010 the Company will celebrate its 85th birthday. This day will be very important to all of us as we can all look back and watch proudly what had been done in 85 years. A recent challenge and accomplishment was in 2007 with the opening of the new Winery of San Felice and the relocation of all the business to the new site. That day was an historic day for us signing the end of an era, and a new, exciting beginning: all of you are welcome to join us and share in our passion!