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For 225 years, Sandeman has handed down expertise from generation to generation to maintain the excellence of their wines, appreciated around the world for their quality and taste, mystery and seduction. Sandeman continues to renew itself and deepining its commitment to combine tradition with the quality and superior class of its wines. As a worldwide superbrand, their wines are distributed in more than 75 markets, and is the #1 leading brand in countries like Belgium, Italy, the USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany & Japan. Today, more than 200 years after the founder's creative impulse, an average of 21 bottles of Sandeman are bought worldwide every minute.

Winemaker Profile

George Sandeman is the 7th generation of the Sandeman family, and the current Chairman of The House of Sandeman, since 1991 after his father David's retirement. A true Porto expert, he enjoys the Founders Reserve with artesian cheese or sweets like pecan pie, tiramisu or dark chocolate, or simply chilled on the rocks.